Young Living has so much more to offer than just oils. They have everything from laundry soap, pet products, cleaning supplies, and vitamins, to even make-up! Cruelty Free make-up, might I add! Young Living is making it easier to live this life clean, healthy, &
G U I L T   F R E E !



Ditch your old, toxic products and replace them with clean and safe ones!

When you ditch and switch, you are not only swapping out harsh chemicals that you come in contact with m u l t i p l e times a day ... you're probably saving yourself a couple Target runs a month too! This is how I started introducing clean products into my household. I used my monthly Essential Rewards order to gradually switch everything to plant based, non-toxic goodies, without breaking the bank! I can't honestly say that I thought I would ever get excited about cleaners, toothpaste, and diaper rash cream ...
BUT HERE I AM! Completely loving on disinfectant spray. 


I challenge you to download the Think Dirty app. I used to buy "non-toxic" products at the store and when I scanned them on the app, I was S H O C K E D at what I was wiping my counter tops with, what I was using on my skin, and what I put on my little guy! To be honest with you, I would dread the end of the day when it was time to clean the counters or wipe down my son's stuff. You could just smell how terrible the ingredients are for you! Now I feel more confident and I'm not worried about if he wants to play with his toys right after I cleaned them.