The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
- Walt Disney

When you get your kit, you are also joining a community! We have Facebook groups, webinars, and classes that are always available for you. Plus, I am always here to answer any questions you have!

Are you thinking about starting a Young Living business? 


When you purchase your kit, you become a wholesale distributer and there are benefits for sharing these a m a z i n g new products you started using! There is no pressure to ever sell, you can just join the community and enjoy your wholesale prices! 

However, if you ever wanted to start selling, we have a team that has SO many resources that are readily available for you and you'll be welcomed with open arms! Something I never saw coming with starting up my Young Living business, was the friendships and the unbelievable amount of support everyone has for one another. I understand, it's a scary journey to start, but having the right people on your team and by your side, can be life changing! If you ever want to know more about the business side or even just want to dream call, I'm always here!

If you have any questions about joining me on my oily journey, my email is